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Health and Well Being Philosophy 

Today Complementary Medicine (CM) is becoming more recognized and understood as playing an integral role in our health and well being.

CM addresses all areas of our life including lifestyle, diet and nutrition. It has an enormous role to play in both the prevention of ill health and the treatment of existing conditions.

In the fast pace of today’s world everybody is under constant pressure and stress. People are working harder, juggling work and family, and devoting little time to themselves. This affects all areas of our health including physical, emotional and mental health. It is the role of the natural health practitioner to assess the causative factors and take a multi-modality approach in maintaining the health and well being of an individual.

Sue aims to treat the whole person, meeting their physical and emotional needs during the healing process. Treatments can vary, even with people presenting with similar health complaints. Being noninvasive with few side effects CM is a safe and gentle way to treat, from the very young through to the elderly.