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Homeopathy is a form of medicine that helps the body heal itself by treating like with like. For example Apis which is from the Bee is used to treat a bee sting.

The remedies are diluted substances prescribed for an individual and are aimed at stimulating and supporting the body’s healing mechanism.

Homoeopathic First Aid Kits

I have produced a new Homoeopathic First Aid Kit which is aimed at assisting recovery from minor illnesses and injuries that can be treated quite effectively at home.

Homoeopathy is an “energy medicine” working on the principal of like treats like - eg: If you get a bee sting you treat it with homoeopathic Apis which comes from the bee.

Amazingly it can have an instant cure.

The kit has 27 remedies and a booklet which explains how to use the most appropriate remedy for your problem.

Following is a brief outline on some of the remedies in the kit and how they can help.

Aconite - For emotional and mental stress - eg: car accident.

Allium cepa - Good for episodes of sneezing with watery eyes and a running nose.

Apis - For allergic reactions to insect bites.

Arnica - Excellent for any injury and bruising.

Bryonia - Treats a dry cough with a tickly throat.

Chamomilla - For whiny, irritated babies who are inconsolable.

Euphrasia - For eyes that itch and water all the time.

Hypericum - For pain which is sharp, shooting or radiating and very sensitive to touch.

Ledum - Good for puncture wounds.

Nux Vomica - Treats headache from poor digestion and/or excessive stimulants (alcohol, tobacco and coffee).

Pulsatilla - Fears of being alone in the dark or waking confused and unrefreshed.

Ruta Grav. - For most sprains when the bone feels as if it has been bruised.

These remedies are for acute conditions - If a constitutional remedy is required (this means a remedy that will address the entire body, mind and physical) you may need to make
an appointment.

Homoeopathic Kit Price $110

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