Perth, Western Australia

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Sue Bartoll's Naturopathic Practice

Mobile Naturopathy and Massage available Hamilton Hill and surrounding suburbs.

Please note clinic in Mundaring at Verissima House is available on Tuesday  9am - 7pm  at 16 Craig Street,  Mundaring  

An initial Naturopathic consultation takes approximately 60 minutes. This allows sufficient time to acquire a full personal and family history, a list of all medications, medical and complementary. Discuss nutritional needs. Examine the eyes through an iriscope, view the tongue and nails. On completion of the consultation we discuss the findings and work out a treatment protocol which may incorporate a range of supportive therapies from a variety of modalities.

It may include nutritional, homoeopathic and herbal supplements as well as sound dietary advice tailored towards the particular requirements of the individual. Achieving optimal health requires taking responsibility for our health and well being and ongoing success requires a commitment to making healthy choices in our lives.

Repeat consultation takes approximately 30 minutes. Approximately 2-4 weeks depending on the individual, it is best to come back to check that you are on track and that the treatment protocol is suitable and effective.

Naturopathy incorporates herbal medicine, iridology, supplements, diet, homoeopathic remedies, massage, flower essence readings, hair analysis, pH testing, laboratory tests are available through Clinipath.

Fully Qualified Naturopath - Association - (ANTA) Australia Natural TherapistAssociation.

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Cost for Initial Consultation $85
Repeat $45
Massage $85
Hair Analysis $140
Ph Salivary Test
Herbal Remedies 500ml $90
Herbal Remedies 200ml $45
Flower Essence remedies $12
Homeopathic remedies $12
Homeopathic Kits, 27 remedies $105
Supplements various prices
Books various prices
Hynotherapy CDs $28

Vouchers available

Health Fund Rebates