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Sue Bartoll

Bowen Therapy and Massage

Bowen therapy

Bowen Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive, holistic remedial technique, that aims to treat the cause of joint pain, muscle issues, sport injuries, ongoing or intermittent pain and is safe for everyone. The Bowen technique involves gentle soft tissue movement across the fascia. These movements send a message to the brain which then travels back to realign the body. The process stimulates nerve and blood supply thus creating more fluidity in the surrounding tissue which in turn allows the nerves to relieve tension. Bowen can have a profound effect on your body by altering proprioceptor pathways resulting in long term changes in posture. Bowen is safe for all ages and is widely used to relieve and resolve both long standing or sudden onset pain. As a stand-alone or as a complimentary therapy to existing chiropractic or physiotherapy programs, Bowen has proven to be an effective ally.

What to expect during a Bowen session

At your first consult, a case history is taken to ascertain which areas of the body require attention. You may be asked further questions just to clarify your situation and possibly be asked to move parts of your body to observe your particular level of restriction. Bowen is non-invasive and moves are effective through clothing. However wearing loose fitting clothing is helpful. After a series of moves, there will be a pause to allow effective facial release and the adequate hydration of cells and tissues which is part of the muscular healing process. A session may take from 45 minutes up to an hour during which time you may feel sensations through your body such as twitching, heat, tingling or emotional. Everyone is unique and allowing these feelings to come through, your healing will be more powerful.

How much does a Bowen session cost?

The cost of a session is $80