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Sue Bartoll

Bowen Therapy and Massage



I have been having sessions with Sue Bartoll for several years. I have had Reflexology, Bowen treatment and Massage. I found the treatments very helpful and relieving of symptoms of sore gut. I also found Sue extremely knowledgeable in relation to diet and other health matters. Sue is highly qualified  and is constantly updating and increasing her abilities.
I therefore highly recommend Sue.

Susan Whitney

Love Sue’s massage and Bowen. Very relaxing and healing.


I just wish to Thank you so very very much for fixing my old body. I cannot believe how much better I feel after being doubled over for 3 – 4 months in terrible pain and now I could run a marathon. Thank you thank you thank you. Your skill in helping me feel this great is wonderful and I wish you all the very best for a bright future and hope if ever I need you again you can fit me in.


Thoroughly recommend Sue for Bowen therapy. I have had a treatment for my bad back on two separate occasions and found both to be extremely quick and effective.


Bowen Therapy with Sue really helped to settle my aggravated old back injury in 3 sessions, and completely cleared a new neck whiplash injury. Thanks Sue



Highly recommend Sue Bartoll as a Masseur with over 25 years experience in various styles of massage to suit your needs. I have been going to her for over 5 years on a fortnightly basis and she has definitely prolonged and improved my health and lifestyle.

I am type 2 Diabetic since 2000, have Moya Moya, high blood pressure, joint pain and aching legs…I count the days until I see Sue again for relief, relaxation and fabulous sleep after lol

Allow yourself to experience the healing magic from her wonderful hands …. enjoy


Everything you do Sue, we like. xx

Gwyne Marshall

I recommend Sue for her caring approach to her naturopathic work. She is a very caring and thorough therapist who has lived her own rules for nutrition and her own health

I can also recommend Sues excellent massage therapy and Bowen for healing … and pure relaxation.

Tamara Asmutaitis

Sue gives the most amazing massages!!!  I’d highly recommend going to see her…if you need to de-stress or have some much needed healing for aches and pains…she’s sooo good!!!